Nowadays most countries' Governments are encouraging or insisting that all Citizens and Corporations take measures to reduce energy consumption.This is driven by the proven depletion of the Earth's ozone layer, and it's potential catastrophic damage to our Environment.It is the responsibility of all of us to now take what steps we can to achieve these aims.Since Electrical lighting systems can consume up to 40% of a buildings ' power requirement, the Sunlight Dome system is one way to do this.

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How does it work ?

A simple, maintenance free way to utilise the sun's light for interior spaces. Capture the sunlight at roof level and transfer it through reflective tube to interior areas.

Applications for all uses- commercial, industrial,education,residential – the only limit is tube length.


Daylighting System Benefits

  1. ENERGY SAVING – Both Lighting and A/C Costs reduced.
  2. GREEN BUILDING CODE - Certification made easier.
  3. ENVIRONMENT – Carbon emission Reduction.
  4. POWER SAVING – Reduced peak load demand on the grid.
  5. HUMAN BENEFITS – Reduced sick leave improved studentperformance faster patient recovery.
  6. COMMERCIAL – Increased productivity and Improved retail sales.
  7. QUALITY IMPROVED – Better color rendition.
  8. CORPORATE – Enhanced corporate CSR profile/ISO 50001 compliant.